Renewed composition of the Board and Management of the Group

Gintautas Mažeika, the Managing Partner of “Mažeika ir partneriai”, together with Dalia Andrulionienė and their team were invited to join the “Civinity” team in 2018. The goal of the change team was to assess the performance of the entire international group, identify the main development challenges and develop a long-term program of changes that would help “Civinity” to optimize internal processes, improve the quality of customer service and create a better work environment for employees. 

“I am glad that I had the opportunity to join the “Civinity” Group with Dalia and her team – together we made successful and significant changes. Over an almost annual period, the performance indicators of the group improved tenfold, which was largely due to the choice of the right solution – to invite professionals who are well versed in this industry to the team. We have done our job – we have made significant changes both in the internal processes of companies and in the customer service. Now we are ready to transfer their further execution to the people working in the Group for many years and also well versed in building maintenance. We believe that the experience gained will allow the Group to best meet the expectations set by our customers,” – said Gintautas Mažeika, resigning from the post of the Chairman of the Board. “We also welcome Giedrius Eidimtas, who together with Domas Dargis join the Board of the Group. We are confident that the renewed Board will achieve all of its goals, ensuring consistent implementation of changes and further development of the Group.” 

The teams of Gintautas Mažeika and Dalia Andrulionienė managed to initiate a number of changes in the company that contribute to the subsequent increase in the efficiency of the Group. A new ambitious team of managers was formed, focused on achieving the final result, with many years of experience in the service sector. 

The new Board of “Civinity” Group consists of four members: Domas Dargis, Giedrius Eidimtas, as well as Linas Obuolevičius, the Financial Manager, and Deividas Jacka, the Development Manager, who continue to serve as the Board members. 

“Any enterprise today must focus on creating integrated solutions and greater added value. Our cooperation with “Civinity” allows us not only to offer high-class residential buildings and commercial premises, but also to provide high quality maintenance for these facilities. I have no doubt that this new stage will contribute to discover opportunities for an even closer partnership that will benefit both private and corporate customers,” – shared Domas Dargis, the new member of the Board of “Civinity”, the Chief Executive Officer of “EIKA”.

Domas Dargis is the Chief Executive Officer of “EIKA”, one of the largest groups of real estate development and construction companies in Lithuania, as well as the co-owner and member of the Board of “Dizaja” and “Statinių Priežiūra”, owned by “Civinity” Group. The participation of Domas Dargis in the Board of “Civinity” will contribute to the development and strengthening of partnerships between “Civinity” and the companies managed by Domas Dargis. 

Giedrius Eidimtas is the Chief Executive Officer of the building service company “Pastatų meistrai”. He was also responsible for the activities and development of “Civinity” companies in Latvia. Before joining the “Civinity” Group, Eidimtas held senior positions in various food supply and security companies, including “Pristis”, one of the largest low-voltage systems implementation companies in Lithuania. 

“Civinity” Group is one of the largest companies in the administration of residential and commercial buildings in the Baltic countries. The Group includes over 20 companies administering over 5 million m2 of residential and commercial space. The Group has nearly 1,500 employees.