Management and Administration

A longstanding experience in the administration of objects and qualification certificates enable us to perform continuous development of our activities, which ensures increasing stability and competitiveness on the market. Flexible schedule and professional personnel guarantee quality and expeditious performance of works. As an administrator of your building, we will take all steps to preserve the shared objects of the apartment house and ensure their intended use. Remember that continuous maintenance is needed in order to ensure maximum operation time of the building and the utility infrastructure. Sometimes we get a question – what is the purpose of hiring a company to administrate the building. The answer is very simple – all needed specialists under one roof, a possibility to pay for works in installments, a warranty of works, and minor repairs within the scope of technical maintenance works at no extra cost. Maintenance and administration works also include:

• Emergency services
• Communication with tenants
• Cooperation with municipalities and public authorities
• Control of utility costs
• Budget planning, accounting, and submission of reports to the residents