Building Modernisation

Our aim is to extend the operation time of your building and to prevent from the eventual emergency situations. When works are undertaken by professionals, they are carried out in an expeditious and quality manner. The main task is to distinguish between the need for modernization works and the need for renovation works. Often people do not even think that given an especially poor condition of the building single modernization works of buildings or utility infrastructure systems cannot solve – only temporarily reduce – an essential problem. For residents continuous minor repairs often cost more than consistent renovation of the entire building, which both improves the general quality of living and reduces utility costs.

Did you know that increasing temperature at home by 1ºC can increase heat consumption of the building by 8 percent? After renovation of the building, as a result of thermal insulation, the temperature of 16ºC in the apartment before renovation increases up to 20ºC and heat consumption does not change, thus saving up to 32 percent of heating costs.

After renovation of your building, you should no longer worry that your walls or ceiling would wet, that your pipes would crack or emit unpleasant odors, that wind would blow through windows or doors – your apartment will be warm and your heating bills will reduce significantly. Our experienced specialists will help you choose the best renovation solutions for your building. Besides full renovation of buildings, we also carry out the following works:

• Thermal insulation of roofs and storerooms
• Full or partial thermal insulation of facades
• Replacement of windows and exterior doors
• Modernization of heating systems
• Installation of fire protection systems
• Renovation of ventilation systems
• Installation of renewable energy equipment
• Renovation of elevators
• Other general construction works, plumbing or electrical works