Apartment owners should have easier and modern way to adopt their decisions

Decision-making process of the apartment owners has become even more difficult than before due to the circumstances caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. To limit the rapid spread of Covid-19, a state of emergency has been declared in Latvia until February 7, 2021. During this period all private and public events in person, including meetings, are prohibited. Established restrictions prevent apartment owners from convening a meeting of owners, where majority of the decisions, related to the house management, are being discussed and adopted.


Thank you for being with us this year!

Thank you for being with us this year!


During Christmas holidays don‘t forget about home fire safety

In preparation for Christmas and New Year's Eve, the international commercial and residential facilities management company Civinity invites to think not only about the home decoration and gifts, but also about the fire safety of the home.


Most apartment owners think about maintaining the building only in case of accidents

Recently, the topic of the technical condition of apartment buildings and how to ensure their functionality not only today but also in the future has become topical in the society. Unfortunately, most apartment owners only think about these issues when some emergency situation happens. The investment into the maintenance or renovation of the building brings two significant benefits for apartment owners - preserving or even increasing the value of the property, and, the most important, preserving the residence place.